Taking a huge leap this leap year.

Biotech’s 2020 prices will change the way veterinarians purchase diagnostic tests for companion animals. Log-in to https://www.biotechkit.com #diagnostic #animals #prices #leapyear #Antibody #antigen #titre #canine #feline #vet #veterinarians #healthypet

We’ve always done it this way… most dangerous phrase

We love this quote from Grace Hopper, someone who was not afraid to take a chance! It is all too easy to fall into the rut of doing things the same way they have always been done, even when the results say we need to make a change. Why? 1 Fear. Fear of change. Fear […]

Great times @ the LondonVetShow 2019

Great times and new friends at the @LondonVetShow 2019. Biotech Diagnostics is thrilled to launch our veterinary diagnostic kits to vets in the UK. We would like to say a #HUGETHANKS to everyone who visited us. Reminder: do not forget to register as a partner on our site to gain access to our online store. […]

Biotech Diagnostics set to launch in the UK @ the LondonVetShow 2019

Biotech Diagnostics launches in the UK at the London Vet Show 2019. Come see us at stand N61. We will be handing out free samples of our RapidSTATUS Ab Triple tests for DHP and Lyme Ab as well as other Biotech Diagnostics swag. www.biotechkit.com #diagnostics #lyme #LondonVetShow #Canine #Parvo #Distemper #Adenovirus #BiotechDiagnostics #Vet #Veterinary #Animals […]

Biotech Introduces the only triple titer test for CPV+CDV+CAV-2

Biotech Diagnostics is the ONLY provider of the Antibody Triple Test for Canine Parvo, Distemper, and Hepatitis in the lateral flow format. Results are available in just 10 minutes allowing for in-clinic diagnosis. Empower your practice at a fraction of the cost of sending samples to a lab. Additional features include: – 18 month shelf […]

Don’t make your patients wait!

Do you hate waiting? Then don’t make your patients wait! Biotech Diagnostic’s RapidSTATUStm point-of-care tests take only 10 minutes to get reliable results. See our full antibody and antigen product list here (link to the site). Add value to your practice while you practice good science. See our customer testimonials here (link to site). #rapidstatus […]